Standard Lubricant Features



Sealant No. *Temp. Range

Degrees F.

Color Principal Uses Solvent
Stick Bulk From To
6 6-S +32o +275o Gray Hot Water Services Naptha
400   +20o +130o Red Acids & Alkalies Naptha
  400-S 0o +110o
400-A   +20o +130o Amber Aqueous solutions of acids, alkalies and amines Naptha
  400-AS 0o +110o
450   +20o +130o White Food Products Naptha
600 600-S 0o +120o Brown Hydrocarbon services Perchlorethylene
650   0o +180o Green Hydrocarbons, L.P.G. and Natural Gas Chlorethane
  650-S -20o +150o
711 711-S -10o +150o Clear Internal combustion fuels Chlorethane
750   +20o +400o Black Asphalt & hot oil services Naptha
800     +250o White Hydrocarbons and aromatics Perchlorethylene
  800-S -10o +200o
900   +10o +240o Black Hydrocarbons, aromatics, asphalt Perchlorethylene
  900-S 0o +200o


Homestead lubricants are furnished in the following sizes:

  • Size B - 3/8" dia. - 24 sticks per box.

  • Size C - 1/2" dia. - 24 sticks per box.

  • Size D - 5/8" dia. - 24 sticks per box.

  • Size K - 1 1/2" dia. - 12 sticks per box.

  • Size J - 1 3/8" dia. - 16 sticks per box.

*NOTE: Temperature range that appears are the limits that the valve can seal effectively while at operating pressures. Operating pressures vary according to valve size, material of construction, and valve service temperatures according to ANSI B16.1 for iron and B16.5 for steel valves. The lubricant will perform at the pressure limitations set forth by these industry standards within the temperature range indicated.


A lubricant in addition to sealing must also protect the valve against effects of the fluid being handled. Any conditions which melt or wash away lubricants may cause valve failure. It is therefore important that characteristics of the fluid being handled be considered when ordering lubricants. Be sure to give the following information on your lubricant order:

1. Fluid handled (if acid, give degree of concentration)

2. Temperature                   3. Pressure


Homestead Lubricated Valves may be lubricated in either the open or closed positions, by means of the lubricant screw or a pressure gun. Standard lubricant fittings may be used in place of the lubricant screw without need of an adapter.

To lubricate the Homestead Lubricated Plug Valve, simply:

  1. Turn down lubricant screw, or apply pressure gun,  to feed lubricant into valve.
  2. If possible, rotate plug back and forth while lubricant is being fed into valve.
  3. Stop feeding lubricant when lubricant appears around stem.

Use only the suggested Homestead Lubricant.

Unless lubricant number or service conditions are given on order valves shipped from the factory will be filled with 650 lubricant. Before putting valve into service, fill with proper lubricant until valve is completely purged. Continue to feed new lubricant into valve until no trace of assembly lubricant can be seen around stem.






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