The Homestead and Mosser Valve Divisions of Olson Technologies have a history spanning more than 150 years.

W.F. Mosser and Sons was incorporated under the laws of Pennsylvania in 1862 and started manufacturing iron tires and axels for wagons and carriages. By 1875, Mosser was producing equipment for use in making chemical products. The Bark Mill and the Eureka Water Wheel won awards in the 1875 centennial in Pennsylvania. During the depression years of the thirties, the company diversified its production and product lines, and innovated the products which the company is currently producing today – Mosser Butterfly Valves.

In the late 1970's, Ecolaire® Valve Co. purchased the rights and assets of Homestead® Valve Co, Coraopolis, PA and Mosser Industries®, Allentown, PA. Olson Technologies, Inc® acquired all the rights and assets of the Homestead® and Mosser product lines in 1985.

Homestead® has a long history of designing and manufacturing many types of plug valves for use in a variety of industries, including Lubricated Plug Valves and Ballcentric Plug Valves. In existence since 1892, our plug valves are well known and have a good reputation as a quality product, serving such industries as water, wastewater, natural gas, mining, boilers, steel, automobile plants, marine, asphalt, air-drying, and the oil industry. Producing high-quality valves for various American industries, Olson Technologies® steadily gained a reputation of technical expertise.

Due to the leadership of our management, the technical excellence of our engineers and design team and the quality craftsmanship of our union steel workers, Olson Technologies has had the pleasure of sustaining the growth of our company. This has enabled Olson to introduce two new product lines, the Series 120 Eccentric Plug Valve in 1992; and the Series 800 AWWA Butterfly Valve in 2005, which offer new growth potentials into the next century. With these new product lines come new opportunities, not only for Olson Technologies, but for our suppliers in the Lehigh Valley and around the United States. This also means that we have created new jobs at every level of our organization, some of which have been filled and many others yet to come.

As a corporate citizen, we strive to contribute to the economic growth of the Lehigh Valley not only by expanding our operations and creating new jobs, but by aggressively seeking local sources to satisfy our many and diverse needs. We believe that the true measure of corporate success does not solely depend on how well our company performs, but also by how much good we can do for our workforce, our community and our country.