Series 60 Butterfly Valves

The Series 60 Butterfly Valve delivers the high level of performance you have come to expect with Homestead. Principle applications include oil drilling rigs, tank battery hookups, storage tanks, bulk carriers and clean water services.


  • BODY: The one-piece body is nickel plated cast iron, providing superior corrosion resistance.
  • END CONNECTIONS: The valves are available in both threaded and grooved end connections.
  • DISC: The nickel plated cast iron disc and sealing o-ring can be easily replaced in the field.
  • SHAFT: The 416SS shaft is a one-piece through design providing high strength and positive control.
  • DISC and SHAFT SEALS: These field-replaceable o-ring seals are available in Buna N and Viton, providing multi-use service. The disc is a pressure seal design ensuring positive shutoff.
  • COATING: Electroless nickel plating ensures long lasting protection.
  • HANDLE: The handle design allow the valves to be easily padlocked in the full open and full closed positions.