Series 840 AWWA Butterfly Valves

The Series 840 AWWA Butterfly Valve delivers the high level of performance you have come to expect with Homestead. The valve design fully conforms to AWWA C504 Class 150B - Latest revision. Principle applications include clean and dirty water for Water and Wastewater services. Valves are certified to NSF/ANSI-61 and NSF/ANSI-372.


  • BODY: The ASTM A536 65-45-12 ductile iron body meets or exceeds the design strength requirements of AWWA C504 standards. Flange thickness, diameter and drilling fully conform to ANSI B16.1 Class 125. Mechanical joint ends conform to ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11.
  • DISC: The flow through design ASTM A536 65-45-12 ductile iron disc minimizes pressure drop across the valve and ensures stable flow characteristics.
  • DISC EDGE: The disc has a 316SS edge to help reduce sealing torque and provide reliable long-lasting service.
  • SHAFT: The 316SS top and bottom shafts is provide high strength and positive control.
  • SEAT: The elastomer seat is mechanically retained to the body with a solid 316SS seat ring, providing trouble-free field adjustment and replacement capabilities.
  • SHAFT SEALS: Top and bottom seals are self-compensating chevron-style v-type to assure positive sealing.
  • BEARINGS: Corrosion-resistant top and bottom bearings provide smooth and stick-free operation and are suitable for vertical or horizontal shaft loading.
  • COATING: The body and disc are evenly coated with a high-quality epoxy as standard. A wide range of coatings are available to suit most applications.
  • TESTING: Each valve is shop-tested to AWWA C504 requirements.
  • ACTUATION: Valves are available with lever, manual gear, pneumatic and electric actuation.